Sciemus insights are founded on building an unrivalled understanding of hard to understand assets

We achieve this by being the best across three dimensions


Sciemus first partners with sector experts to understand the risk drivers for each system

  • Sciemus are data and risk experts, so we initially partner with sector experts to get a deep understanding of the systems
  • We identify all underlying risk drivers and critical factors that differentiate the risk – what’s important and what’s not
  • Knowing what the key risk drivers are ensures we focus on collecting the relevant data
  • We codify expert knowledge and hire the relevant expertise to secure in-house capabilities
  • Building that deep in-house expertise enables us to interpret analysis outputs and generate actionable insights


We then source massive amounts of data, clean and normalise it, and then make sense of it

  • The world is awash with data, the key is getting the right data and making it useful
  • We source the best relevant data from multiple sources for each sector
  • We clean it, remove bias/censorship, and normalise it prior to fusing it into coherent, robust databases
  • All data has its limitations, so data processing is crucial – we have 3 data processing patents pending
  • We add to and extend our data on a daily basis, through ongoing data partnerships


Our models then interpret our data to create fast, robust, and world-leading insights

  • Complex systems need to be represented by complex models that consider all outcomes
  • Our models are fast to configure and run, simulating millions of operational years in minutes
  • We understand what can happen and then understand what the impacts are
  • Our modelling tools are flexible and can be adapted to model almost any complex system