Sciemus Insurance

A Leading Provider of Specialist Insurance Underwriting in Areas of Actuarial Uncertainty and Exponential Growth

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Our Approach

Sciemus believes superior underwriting performance is founded on three critical pillars.

Our technical pricing edge is achieved through the generation of unprecedented proprietary intelligence and quantitative analysis, interpreted by highly respected insurance professionals offering a wealth of relevant market experience. Given our requirement for fact-based understanding of risk, we are a true specialty insurance business.

Sciemus Space
  • MGA services to insurance and reinsurance companies
  • Insurance claims reviews and adjusting services following ‘Proof of Loss’
  • Launch, Transfer, Commissioning and In-Orbit risk assessment services
  • Capacity of $20m for in-orbit risks and $10m for any single launch
  • Loss ratio less than 3% since 2007
  • 30+ years

    of reliability data, updated weekly from

  • 3,000+ satellites

    down to

  • Component level

    interpreted by a tool built together with the

  • Former UK MOD R&D Lab

    and complemented with

  • data-driven launch vehicle analytics

Sciemus Power
  • MGA services to insurance and reinsurance companies
  • Full Delegated Underwriting Authority for Operational Power risks
  • Focus on (re)insuring the Primary risk
  • Capacity of USD 10m per risk
  • A - rated security
  • Worldwide capability

We seek to gain a competitive advantage in this tough class of business by applying unprecedented proprietary intelligence and unique quantative analysis in combination with the exploitation of our many years of power-specific insurance market experience.

Sciemus Solar
  • Solar Risk Advisor
  • Project level risk reviews
  • Advisory services to a range of underwriters
  • Ability to model complex performance degradation and parametric weather risk
  • Focus on industrial/commercial scale Solar PV systems

    Covering all global locations from

  • 1983 – 2014

    and updated regularly


    for Global Horizontal Irradiation across


    At 5km resolution

With our wealth of data and technical expertise, we are ideally positioned to respond to the growing demand for business income protection in the rapidly expanding Solar sector globally.

Sciemus Wind
  • Wind Risk Advisor
  • Advisory services to a range of underwriters
  • Farm level risk reviews
  • Wind Energy Portfolio optimisation
  • Captive insurance reviews
  • 100,000+ years

    operational data over the past

  • 24 years

    allowing Sciemus to analyse

  • 900+ turbines

    on over

  • 10,000 farms

In a sector driven by constant technological change and prototypical machinery, Sciemus Wind can apply our breadth and depth of data, and risk modelling expertise to forecast the future risk of failure for operational wind energy projects.

Sciemus Cyber
  • Specialist Lloyd’s of London Cyber insurance MGA with USD 15m capacity
  • Recognised leaders in cyber insurance
  • Specialist in-house Cybersecurity Expertise
  • Unique Industrial System and Operational Technology cyber coverage
  • Full cyber cover for environment, property damage, bodily injury and business interruption exposures
  • Full cyber terrorism coverage
  • 15 years cyber insurance experience and lead underwriting team
  • Proprietary cyber risk rating model
  • Proprietary cyber risk aggregation model

As a recognised global leader in cyber insurance our unique blend of underwriting, in-house cyber security expertise and proprietary modelling allows us to develop flexible and tailored risk management solutions for the most complex and high-threat organisations, mitigating the entire spectrum of cyber risk.

Rick Welsh (CEO)